Most Powerful Mega Machines You Need To See


SANY 4000t SCC40000A Crawler Crane
The massive crawler crane was delivered to the first Chinese rubber and plastic industry on July 15, 2020. To move this beast, 150 trailers were required. The SCC40000A successfully finished its first task by raising four chemical towers to a height of 100 meters, each weighing 2000 tonnes. The brand-new crane from Sany’s Crawler represents a revolution in crane history. The SCC40000A is the most reliable option, with a lifting capacity of up to 4,000t and a lifting moment of 90,000 t•m. Sany claims that the crane is protected by more than 20 patents, including two foreign ones.

CAT Autonomous Trucks
The CAT 797F travels boldly even without a driver in the centre of mining sites, where everyone must be on guard. The size of a 3000 square foot house, the CAT 797F is an autonomous vehicle. After loading, the vehicle’s gross weight increases to 6875 tons, which is actually equal to the combined weight of 15 planes. The empty vehicle weighs 284,6 tons. The amount of rock the CAT 797F has moved since 2013 is sufficient to build a four-lane, six-foot-tall motorway around the globe.

AGCO Challenger MT800E
The most cutting-edge tractor on the market right now is the MT800. It offers an intuitive control system with a 10.4-inch screen with an integrated navigation system, a multi-function joystick, and other features. The MT800 maintains ground clearance even in difficult terrains because to its unusual wheelbase. Its huge planters, tile ploughs, grain carts, and high-speed tillage are all great candidates for its 673 horsepower engine’s up to 2300 foot-pounds of torque.

CAT Mining CAT 7495 Disassembly
The procedure of disassembling a large electric rope shovel. Its dipper capacity ranges from 40 to 80 cubic yards, and its payload capacity is 120 tons. It is the CAT 7495, and it is 21 meters tall. 14 pieces of machinery are needed to assemble or disassemble this powerful monster. Its bucket is first removed, and then the controller cab is removed from the top. Two cranes then effortlessly lowered the large arm. In the end, the machine’s additional weights are dispersed.

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