Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess in The World – Most Surprising Top 10


Virgin Atlantic
The Virgin Atlantic hostess always stood out from the crowd with her tailored red jackets and beautiful silk ties. Virgin Atlantic made the decision to stop requiring female flight attendants to wear cosmetics in 2019. In addition, they will have the option of donning trousers with their outfit. Although I support choice, I do hope that these adjustments won’t significantly disrupt the status quo. The “most attractive airline stewardess” of 2017 was one of the Virgin Atlantic flight attendants. The “Red Hotties” of Virgin Atlantic are among the sᴇxiest in the air and have earned the moniker of Hot Air Hostess.

Personal hygiene is often the genuine indicator of sᴇxiness for lusty travelers, and the same standards apply to their aircraft. Enter EVA Air, Skytrax’s cleanest airline for 2015. There aren’t any crumbs on the seat or used ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄɪɴᴇ in the aisle.

Air Sᴇʀʙɪᴀ
Since breaking away from Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Air Sᴇʀʙɪᴀ has changed both its name and its country of origin. Previously known as Jat Airways. It is encouraging to see that the flight crew is still attractive despite all of this upheaval. If you take a short look at their Instagram, you could be persuaded to book a flight to Belgrade right away. Pro tip: Request a bottle of rakia, the specialty fruit brandy of Sᴇʀʙɪᴀ, to sip on the way.

Cathay Pacific
Due to its outstanding customer service and ᴍᴀɴy awards, Cathay Pacific is regarded as one of the greatest airlines in Asia. The female flight attendants on this Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ-based airline are sᴇxy but not overtly so. Cathay decided to use their stewardesses as models on the catwalk rather than recruiting professional models.

Flight attendants at Cathay Pacific claimed that their costumes were “too exposing” in 2014. They claimed that the skirts and blouses were overly short and tight, making them unwelcome targets of attention. Female flight attendants for British Airways won the right to wear pants in 2016. Cathay Pacific adopted a similar policy in 2018 and permitted female cabin workers to wear pants.

Etihad Airways
Not only does Etihad have a great, hard-to-pronounce name, but they also nail the minor touches that make long-haul flights not just tolerable but pleasant. I’m referring to comfortable economy seats, food that tastes well, an impressive variety of recently released movies, and flight attendants who discreetly ignore you as you lie down and sleep across all three seats.

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