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The fundamentals of head milling for compression gain. Horsepower is equal to compression. The combustion chamber can produce greater power if the air and fuel combination is compressed more. Theoretically, squeezing as much fuel and air into a compact combustion chamber will result in the highest engine compression and horsepower. The task can be completed in a variety of ways. Cylinder heads with small volume chambers can be purchased already cast or with CNC machining built in. Dome pistons or even thinner head gaskets can be used to successfully minimize the capacity of a huge combustion chamber.

In order to properly lower the volume of the combustion chambers, milling entails removing material from the cylinder head. The size of the chamber can be adjusted with this technique, which is also used to fix warped or crooked deck surfaces. This gives you the volume you need to accomplish the compression ratio you want. You can use a variety of online calculators, such as this one, to figure out how much material must be removed in order to achieve the specified compression.

By employing flat top pistons and milling, you may create engines with higher compression without worrying about detonation. As with any way of increasing compression, you will need to employ milled heads to prevent detonation, lower overall ignition timing, and probably higher octane gasoline. How much timing and octane your engine will require can be determined through proper tuning.

Keep in mind that milling modifies the alignment of the intake ᴍᴀɴifold and the block, heads, or both. The intake may also need grinding to make up for the material removed, depending on how much was removed. We have provided the chart below to assist you in determining the appropriate milling specifications for factory heads on well-liked classic V8s. To find out how much milling can be done on aftermarket cylinder heads, it is best to speak with the ᴍᴀɴufacturer. A little extra deck material is added to some aftermarket heads to allow for future milling.

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