Modern Machines and Sᴋɪʟʟed Workers Create an Amazing Production Process

CNC machine Technology

Razor blades are fabricated from a stainless steel strip. The strip is fed into a punching machine after it has passed inspection. As a result, they take on a global shape. In the first stage, the blades must go through a four-step primary treatment procedure. All of these violently rearrange the molecule, making the metal harder. The brand name of the razor blade will be printed on the double-edged blades using a printer. For locating and polishing, a razor blade is put into a machine. Within it, there are three grinding stations. A razor-sharp cutting edge is produced by fine grinding prior to precision grinding.

The blades then pass through a polishing device. By doing this, the fragment is taken out of the three-step grinding procedure. The trip will be cut into blades as it passes through the cut-off machine. After being cleaned in sorbent to remove impurities, the blades that passed inspection are dried. In the third stage, the blade will first go through a coating made of a specific substance. Teflon was applied to the edge, which was subsequently heated in order to thoroughly dissolve both the Teflon and the chromium. The outcome of this action will be an increase in the blade’s durability.

Second, the whole set of blades is examined for edge flaws while illuminated by blue light. Third, samples are taken and tested by the factory’s quality control lab to make sure the blades adhere to requirements for hardness and sharpness. for use on a single-blade, double-edged Auto-packaging machine. The machine meticulously wraps each blade in wax paper and decorative paper. Then, another Auto-package machine packs the blades into cartons.

In the video below, we’ll see Amazing Production Process razor, Axial sd die rolling machine, and Crown Wheel Gear Manufacturing Process on gear cutting.

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