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LIEBHERR – Crane HS 8130 HD Dynamic soil compaction
The 130-ton load capacity of the HS 8130.1 duty cycle crawler crane proves its prowess in the deep foundation industry. This power package has a great reputation on the market thanks to the addition of a casing oscillator and a hammer grab. Perforᴍᴀɴce and safety optimization received special consideration. The uppercarriage is equipped with pedestals, walkways, and railings to increase workplace safety. The newly created V8 diesel engine impresses with lower noise emissions and fuel economy. The crawler crane has greater material handling capability than its tried-and-true predecessor, the HS 885 HD, thanks to its enhanced hydraulic system. The HS series is intended for Uɴɪqᴜᴇ dynamic situations.

Create a trench across all types of soil by making a cut in the ground. designed with the strength and power to plow through even the most difficult, rocky soil types. Dig a trench ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to structures and other objects by utilizing the side-shift function. Simple to operate and constructed for better trench digging and higher dependability. Ideal attachment for maintenance teams, local governments, landscape designers, and lodging establishments.

The chipper CHIPPER ENERGY 50’s design was based on a system of cutting blades on the drum, and all of the actions that the machine may perform to produce wood chips can be automatically controlled by an electronic system. A series of toothed rollers that drive very aggressively have been created to maximize the output of wood chips and completely utilize the power generated by this chipper. You can add a chain to transport huge amounts of logs and twigs, too large, within the industrial chipper. The calibration grid output for this model chipper allows for the calibration of various chips, which is its last feature.

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