Maddie’s First Solo Flight!


My 16-year-old daughter is shown here completing her first solo flight. The aircraft is a 180-horsepower 1973 Piper Challenger. The Cherokee’s fuselage was lengthened that year, and it was given the name Challenger for 1973 before being given the name “Archer” the following year. Since people assume we are a corporate jet if we say “Challenger,” we say “Archer” over the radio.

Many people compliment me on Maddie’s company on the plane. You can see the camera in the rear seat at about 1:12 in the video. At 11:52, you can see it once again. The camera’s picture stabilization technology makes it appear as though the camera is moving. Not at all. Simply put, the camera is attempting to make sense of all the activity.

Additionally, there is a lot of confusion between MADDIE performing this solo in 2016 and MAGGIE performing her solo in 2018 (who ʟᴏsᴛ a wheel). These are two distinct individuals! Both performed admirably.

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Video resource: quinnjim

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