Machines that are impressive and powerful, Backer Forest, scarifiers, and disc trencher


Our most potent disc trencher, the Bracke T26.b, can handle even the toughest terrain, including slash and stones. It is connected to a large base machine by the T26.b. Scarification with the T26.b gives plants and seeds the best possible start for development and survival, regardless of the terrain. A multi-purpose disc trencher with the ability to lead by tilting the discs, the brake T26.a. Whether it’s to the left or right, sr or farther away, the hummus is all moving in the same direction. It can withstand the most difficult terrain conditions, such as a lot of rocks and scarification, with the brank T26. A offers a choice of planting locations for plants and seeds, regardless of the soil type.

Rugged terrain is no problem for the Bracke T26.b. If the machine is overworked, the hydraulics allow sideways arm motions and the disc to spin around its vertical axis. The prime mover is linked to the load-sensing hydraulics.

Controlling the machine
The control system’s PLC platform serves as its foundation, and a CAN bus links all of its components together. A new display has been added, making the control system much more user-friendly. The control system receives data from sensors on the disc trencher concerning the speed, disc angle, and arm position of the primary mover. You can select one of eight programmable operating programs in the control system via the cab controls. The monitor is used to read data from the scarifier and change its settings. The control system maintains track of the scarified area, the distance traveled, and the overall number of hours worked.

From the cab, the operator operates the Bracket T26.b. One of the eight predefined processes is selected in response to changes in the site conditions. Using the control system, the operator can alter the angles and widths of the arm and disc. You can also change the ground and lifting pressures or utilize the float mode. The Bracke T26.b can be set up to run continuously or only when necessary.

Let’s see the Impressive & Powerful Machines – Backer forest – Scarifiers Disc Trencher in the amazing video below.

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