Maas Markelo using New Holland FR700 and Fendt tractors to chop maize.

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Contractor Maas Markelo cut corn in the morning on their New Holland FR700 with a 10-row maize header. The forage harvester is parked next to Fendt 930 Vario TMS, Fendt 822 Vario, and Fendt 826 Vario with Schuitemaker Siwa 720 silage trailers. The experts at New Holland have produced a wide range of maize headers that have been especially made for the FR series. Maximum flexibility for the fleet is ensured by the possibility to install integrated maize headers. There are stiff and flip-up variants available. Whether you’re looking for the healthiest silage or the biomass maize with the most energy content, you’ve found the perfect harvesting partner.

The tiny disc maize header’s 650mm-diameter discs were designed for precision slicing and preparation of young, short crops with flexible stems before they had dried and stiffened. The material is pushed quickly and efficiently onto the feed rolls to prevent costly sses. There are options for six, eight, ten, and twelve rows, and the space between the discs has been calibrated for tight rows. The feeding aperture is precisely the same width as the feed rolls for smooth feeding.

Available For extensive maize farming operations, the large disc maize header is the default choice. The eight- or ten-row variants of the 1350mm diameter discs shred through even the tallest crops that have been grown in the broadest rows. The depletion and intake of the quickly moving blades crop smoothly and quickly for excellent capacity. Aim to harvest the corn at the perfect time to release every last joule of energy.

It’s time to install a New Holland combine maize header since just the juiciest cobs are required as a high protein diet is essential for fattening and finishing pricey beef animals. With possibilities for rigid and flip-up constructions in 6–12 row combinations, productivity and quality are assured. The four blades of the stalk rollers, which are controlled from the comfort of the cab, aggressively pull down stalks of any size and length. This guarantees reliable perforᴍᴀɴce even when different stalk or cob sizes are met. Quick throughput and comfort are guaranteed.

A specific module may be quickly and easily installed at the front of the FR series to enable full compatibility with combined maize and grain heads. The additional feed roll ensures that the crop flows across the longer distance efficiently for continued perforᴍᴀɴce and optimum flexibility.

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