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Whether a pilot has 20 or 5,000 hours of command experience, their first solo flight will always rank among their most thrilling and impressive accomplishments. With our Learn To Fly First Solo Flight Course, it’s remarkably possible to experience all the positive emotions that come with flying an aircraft solo for the first time. Your abilities will be developed in the program to the point where your flight instructor is confident sending you on your first solo flight.

The CASA syllabus is used for this course. The in-depth course curriculum combines 3 hours of simulated flight training on the ground with flight theory lessons and 15 hours of professional flight training in the air. Your first solo flight will put you in a wonderful position to move forward with getting your pilot’s license or possibly starting a profession.

Every aspiring pilot should appreciate the experience. Resources are continually being developed by Learn To Fly to aid students in doing just that. Modern aircraft are important, but so are facilities, qualified instructors, and curricula that can produce magical learning experiences and make every minute spent in the air worthwhile.

We’re here to give you more details about becoming a pilot. Request a school visit if you’re in Melbourne to see our equipment and facilities. Speak with our helpful flight instructors and staff; they will walk you through every stage of the flying training process and answer any questions you may have.

It took Katey a lot of effort to get her wings, and here is her first solo flight without any adult supervision. Join on as she exits the crowded class delta and makes her way to the practice area for a few fundamental moves.

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Video resource: Mᴀʟɪbu Flyer

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