Intorex CNC Lathe TMC 1500 High-speed CNC Machine

CNC machine Technology

5 interpolated axes and 9 installed CNC axes make up the CNC mechanization center. A front automatic feeding group that places the workpiece between locations makes up the TMC’s standard equipment. The machine has rotary heads for turning, heads for profiling with milling cutters, and heads up front for turning, profiling, and tape polishing.

A separate rotating head with a 10-position rotary tool change is also a feature of the TMC and can be utilized for extra drilling, milling, and profiling operations. No additional manipulation is required to finish the pieces completely because they are fully automated and sanded. Through the use of a conveyor belt, the parts are evacuated.

In order to produce a wide range of components using only the CNC rotary head, the TMC can be provided with an additional work table for fixing irregular pieces with a pneumatic or mechanical fixing system and the ability to mechanize between points.

The TMC-1500 can create turned and various profiled pieces such as columns, pillars, stair balusters, chair legs, table legs, sofa legs, etc. The entire mechanized process of turning, milling, drilling, and sanding in one operation results in 30% more efficient and adaptable manufacturing.

Let’s watch the Intorex CNC Lathe TMC 1500 working in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: Quis Machinery Inc.

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