Integrated Mill Turn Center “CLX 450 TC”

CNC machine

The compact yet potent compactMASTER turning and milling spindle on the CLX 450 TC allows for the high-precision 6-sided full machining of components with complex profiles.
By tilting the turning/milling spindle 90 degrees, it can mill both the outer diameter and the end face thanks to its large working area, 1,100 mm maximum turning length, and 400 mm turning diameter. Additionally accommodating automation systems, such as Robo2 GO 2nd Generation, is the CLX 450 TC.

The B-axis factor: superiority over all turret lathes. The quickest setup times are due to the automatic tool switching with 30 or 60 tools as an option. 0.001 ° resolution and a B-axis with a + -120 ° swivel angle eliminate the requirement for angular tools. Due to multitools and sister tools, downtime was minimized.

6-sided full machining with a primary spindle and an additional counter spindle. Highest positioning precision and perforᴍᴀɴce due to integrated C-axis (0.001 °) and spindle drives up to 5,000 rpm and 345 Nm. Thanks to the compactMASTER turn-mill spindle’s 12,000 rpm and 90 Nm, a driven tool holder is not required. A work area that is perfectly matched for objects up to 400 mm by 1,100 mm.

Perfect automation capability
Multijob: No tool setup is required for creating various workpieces.
Sister tools increase process dependability and decrease machine downtime. Robo2Go with a payload capacity of 35 kg or bar loader with pickup gear.

Let’s see Integrated Mill Turn Center “CLX 450 TC” in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: DMG MORI Jᴀᴘᴀɴ

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