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This is the electric in-row cleaner for Robocrop. weeds are removed from the beds while the soil is still aerated. a system that can be altered to accommodate plant spacing. Electricity is used to power each of the up to 18 weeding lines separately. The Robocrop InRow cultivator uses tried-and-true video analysis algorithms from Garford to locate plants one at a time in order to mechanically eradicate weeds from the crop row itself, between the plants, as well as from the row’s spacing.

The Robocrop InRow hoe can be used on most crops with even plant and row spacing when each foliage is clearly separated from that of the following plant. It was designed for use on transplanted crops like lettuce, cabbage, celery, etc. The technique permits an accuracy of 8 mm from the plant stem. Beyond that is not really necessary because the crop typically supplants weeds at a distance of less than 8 mm. With this level of accuracy, the entire field can be completely free of weeds.

Ropa Sittelsdorf
Collector/loader of potatoes from Ropa Sittelsdorf. 10.2-meter catch system with self-propelled cleaning. Potatoes are transported to the pick-up vehicle by elevators and conveyors. elevated conveyor arm with a maximum length of 15 meters. Waste from collections is reduced by a driven collecting shovel. Additionally, electrostatic charging is used to apply powder coating before painted pieces are subjected to an hour at 200°C. A standalone 550 kW biogas plant that primarily runs on sugar beets supplies the essential heat source. 12 new woodchip burners of the Hargassner brand, each with a nominal value of 200 kW (2.4 MW), have been installed for the baking of the paint and for the provision of heat in the winter.

Maximum performance in medium- to large-sized areas is guaranteed by the GH 8 8-row ridge. When using a 4 or 8-row planter to plant, the GH 8 may be exploited to its full potential. The spacing for the GH 8 ranges from 75 to 91.4 cm. Fast field changes are possible with a transport width of fewer than 3 m thanks to the optional hydraulic folding undercarriage. For the growth of potatoes and other vegetables on light soils, the ridges of the GH series allow for the ridging of substantial ridges. The ridges carry out passive tillage in comparison to other ridges. This results in higher yielding surfaces and the conservation of tractive power. Depending on the kind of soil, different height-adjustable subsoiler tines can be used to loosen it.

Depending on the terrain, the machine can be customized with a wide range of choices to offer the ridge the best possible care. We can reach the rows’ ends thanks to the row formers. Ridge crops, like potatoes and carrots, are not very tolerant to weed competition before the headland. Therefore, to have a good yield, effective and precise weed management is required. For potato and vegetable growers who undertake mechanical weeding without using chemical pesticides and who want to construct ridges at the same time, the GH Ecological ridge with the integrated hoeing technique is appropriate.

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