Incredible Dual Chuck, Live Tool Set-Up – Puma 2600 SY II – Kennametal KM Quick Change Tooling

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The PUMA 2600SYII, created with single setup efficiency and amazing accuracy in mind, enables TITANS of CNC to produce intricate parts from difficult-to-machine materials. The part is completely handled on one machine thanks to the Y-axis and integral drive spindles.

Additionally, the machine has stiffness and chip-evacuating effectiveness built into it because of its box-way design and 30-degree one-piece cast iron slant bed. Parts with the PUMA 2600SYII just flit out the door. It makes sense that this device is quickly becoming a bestseller at DN Solutions.

The high-perforᴍᴀɴce lathe series from DN Solutions is called the PUMA Series. This series offers a wide range of models with chuck diameters ranging from 8″ to -21″, turning lengths up to 120″, and options for sub-spindles, y-axis, and milling capabilities. They are designed for heavy and intermittent cutting, precise output, and superior surface finishes. This Series has a box guideway structure that inhibits vibration and provides it with reliable dynamic stiffness. In its class, it has the fastest spindle speed and offers strong cutting capabilities.

The turning center with built-in drive spindles, a sub-spindle, Y-axis machining, a 12-station turret, and active temperature compensation is the DN Solutions PUMA 2600SY II.

The collaborative robots from Doosan improve machining productivity and simplify automation.

Let’s see Incredible Dual Chuck, Live Tool Set-Up – Puma 2600 SY II – Kennametal KM Quick Change Tooling in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: TITANS of CNC MACHINING

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