How to pass Etihad cabin Assessment?


The cabin crew assessment days held by Etihad are widely considered as among of the most expertly organized in the Middle East. Whether or not they are hired, most applicants feel they got a fair chance to express themselves and have a positive image of the airline after attending an Etihad Assessment Day.

The random question test, however, is one aspect of the assessment day that is certain to confound and alarm nearly every applicant. If you’ve ever had the chance to participate in an Etihad Assessment Day, you’ll understand precisely what I mean. But if you’re still new to Etihad, allow me to briefly explain.

You’ll register with a recruiter during the first round of the Assessment Day’s selection process, respond to a few quick questions, and then finish the dreaded reach test. A brief presentation and a straightforward English test follow. Candidates take the random question test right before the first round of elimination.

Each candidate is brought into a room on their own and presented a question; no two questions are same and there is no way to predict what you could be asked. What is happening, then? How can Etihad determine whether you are qualified for the position and why does it have this component of the Assessment Day?

The beauty of this practice is how random the test is. Candidates are unable to create an organized response in advance. You cannot ᴍᴀɴipulate the system by practicing your lines like an actor would. Candidates must enter the exam prepared for the unexpected, just as they would in an aircraft flying at 39,000 feet.

You may be asking how any of these concerns relate to working as cabin staff. The random question test may not be an effective technique to weed out candidates, according to some experts, but it can disᴄʟᴏsᴇ important psychological features about a candidate. Similar to a psychological test in certain ways, this exercise enables recruiters to determine whether your personality will fit well with Etihad on an individual and subjective basis.

Let’s see How to pass Etihad cabin Assessment in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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