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Growing mushrooms is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses that can be established with little money and little space. In I, growing numbers of people are turning to mushroom farming as an alternative source of income. In this essay, we’ll go over the complete process of raising oysters, buttons, and paddy straw mushrooms. The first step in cultivating mushrooms is composting, which is carried out outside. The compost yard is prepared for button mushroom production using clean, elevated concrete platforms. To stop water from building up on the heap, they should be lifted. Composting should be done outside, but it should be covered to prevent rain from getting in.

Spawning is the process of introducing mushroom mycelium into the beds. The spawns are available from recognized national laboratories at a minimal cost. There are two ways to spawn: either mix the compost with the grain spawn before filling the trays, or scatter the compost over the surface of the trays. When the eggs hatch, cover the trays with old newspapers. The sheet is then lightly sprinkled with water to preserve moisture and humidity. A minimum of one meter must separate the top tray from the ceiling.

Rotten cow dung and garden soil that has been finely crushed and screened are combined to create casing soil. Following the application of the casing soil to the compost, the temperature is maintained at 25°C for 72 hours before being reduced to 18°C. Remember that the casing phase requires a lot of fresh air. Therefore, the space needs to have enough ventilation facilities during the casing step. After the casing has been on for 15 to 20 days, pinheads begin to appear. Tiny, wee-shaped buttons start to emerge after this stage in about 5 to 6 days. Mushrooms are ready to be picked when the caps are firmly attached to the short stem.

During harvest, the cap should be gently ripped off. Hold it between your forefingers, press it into the ground, and then twist it off to accomplish this. Remove the dirt particles and mycelial threads at the stalk’s base. Paddy straw mushrooms are grown in parts of Southeast Asia. It is one of the most popular mushrooms because of its flavor. They have elevated platforms that are either in the shade or have sufficient ventilation, in contrast to button mushrooms.

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