How To Choose A Flight Training School? Student Pilot tips for the best Flight School Selection!


The job of a pilot is tough and fulfilling, full of responsibility while touring the world, yet pilot training is expensive and extremely competitive. You will transport people or cargo on long or short-haul flights for pleasure, work, or commerce as an airline pilot.

The captain, who is the pilot in command, and the supporting first officer are normally the two pilots who fly the aircraft. To prevent weariness, pilots typically alternate turns at the controls, with one pilot conversing with air traffic control and handling the paperwork while the other pilot operates the controls.

There may be three or four pilots on board in specific situations, such as long-haul flights so that each can take the required pauses from flying. The captain is in charge of the overall safety of the crew, passengers, and the efficient and safe functioning of the aircraft. You’ll have a lot of devotion and duty on your shoulders. To keep the necessary license for the position, you must pass rigorous training programs and recurrent training every six months.

Because becoming a pilot is not a 9 am to 5 pm job, be prepared to work odd hours. A working day can last anywhere between three and twelve hours, depending on the firm and route. Depending on the route, start timings will frequently vary, sometimes starting in the early morning and sometimes starting after midnight.

Since you’ll frequently be on standby, you’ll need to be ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to the airport where you’re based so you can get there quickly. You often get your shifts a month or two in advance if you work for a short-haul airline. A more consistent work/life balance is the effect of this. Flying large distances will take up more of your time if you work as a long-haul airline pilot. You may frequently spend the night at your locations, so you’ll need to be able to acclimatize to various time zones. An annual cap of 900 flying hours is imposed on pilots. The workload is distributed evenly throughout the year on scheduled airplanes, however, on charter airlines, the summer is busier than the winter.

Although men still make up the majority of commercial airline pilots, more women are now pursuing this line of work. You spend most of your time in the cockpit of the airplane, and most cockpits are made with comfort in mind. A long-haul pilot may experience fatigue, especially if they are traveling east or west through several time zones. There are frequent bunks on board the airplane where you can take a quick nap on long-haul trips. You must put in a lot of effort and dedication to succeed in this position because you must pass tests every six months. Every year, you must also pass a medical exam.

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