How potatoes are grown in Europe by Machine

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The use of potato harvesters enables the mechanization of the planting of potatoes, and the efficiency of these tools offers a great possibility to complete the operation quickly, which is essential when conducting agricultural sowing. Potatoes should be planted to ensure uniform seedling and plant growth, as well as to make harvesting and the use of machinery easier. It must have the following characteristics: straight rows, constant spacing between rows, shallow planting depth, and precise spacing between tubers in a row.

Utilizing automated harvesting ᴍᴇᴛʜods, such as potato harvesters, makes it possible to harvest this root crop with little ʟᴏss in yield as well as in harvesting efficiency. Since potato planting grounds are comparable in size to wheat fields, only specialized equipment can be used to harvest potatoes efficiently and swiftly. Harvesting potatoes is a chore that works well.

It should be mentioned that there are two types of potato harvesters: mounted and trailed. The perforᴍᴀɴce and proportions of the first option are more astounding. They are therefore ideal for vast farms. The same basic idea underlies both kinds. The main node is a tuber-digging machine. They typically have adjustable tilt and immersion depths. This machine transfers a layer of soil and potatoes to the sifting bunker for removal. The tubers are freed of dirt and vegetation as they move along the conveyor belt.

The waste remnants are then eliminated and the potatoes are cut to a specific size using the sorting mechanism. The smallest tubers are removed. The potatoes are then delivered in the discharge bunker. The Grimmme double-cage potato harvester is built for Western ᴍᴀɴufacturing in various variants for such a bunker. The city of Damme is where the central office is situated. More than 60 nations receive agricultural equipment from this ᴍᴀɴufacturer.

There are powerful trailed units as well as mounted mini-combines in the extensive spectrum of ᴍᴀɴufactured equipment. There are single-row and two-row variants made, each with a Uɴɪqᴜᴇ design. Grimme have a number of distinguishing characteristics that make them stand apart from similar vehicles. The top-selection rollers are situated in front of the cleaning system, allowing you to shield the rubbing components from dirt and debris.

Belts are added as screening components to let you work without affecting the finished output. Two screening conveyors are included with the machines. The first is 5.5 square meters in size, while the second is 1.5. You can achieve the potato’s presentation using this ᴍᴇᴛʜod after cleaning. Every knot’s operation is dependent on a belt drive. Sensors are used in the tractor cabin to operate the machinery. The hydraulic system creates the work’s softness. Root crops weighing 4,000 kilograms are loaded into the storage bin; emptying takes 20 seconds.

Let’s see How potatoes are grown in Europe in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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