How does a business jet pilot’s life differ from that of a commercial pilot?


The lifestyle of those who opt to pilot a business aircraft is sometimes thought to be significantly more exciting than that of commercial aviation flight crewmembers, who typically adhere to a predetermined roster. After all, bizjet pilots have the opportunity to experience layovers in some of the most opulent places on earth.

The benefits of working in business aviation are numerous. The industry is known for its glitz, and pilots have the chance to travel and experience an opulent way of life. Business jet pilot with expertise Kristupas Sulija concurs. He does add, though, that the reality of executive jet flight crew members is centered on customer service, much like pilots in commercial aviation. VIP guests expect top-notch service from Bizjet pilots if they hope to keep their business as well as gain market share and profit.

This is the first installment of my life as a business jet pilot as a pilot. Join me to see my recent trip experiences. Business aviation is unpredictable; you never know where you’ll go or where or when you’ll end up. The original idea was to travel to Warsaw, pick up a Learjet 60 XR, fly to Berlin for one night, spend two nights in Mykonos, Gʀᴇᴇᴄᴇ, and then return to Warsaw. Plans, however, have changed.

I hope you find the inspiring cockpit views, takeoffs, and landings enjoyable. It all began with a Boeing 777-300 flight and will end with a turboprop flight back home, but more on that in the following section. Meeting new coworkers and having them in the cockpit was a pleasure.

Let’s see The life of a business jet pilot in the ᴀᴡᴇsomr video below.

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