High-Speed Milling Machine In Working. Heavy Duty Lathe &Mega CNC Centre. Special Drill For Big Bore

CNC machine

Datron high-speed machining of aluminum
3.0 kW Datron M8 spindle. The CNC processing systems from Datron were created specifically for the efficient and cost-effective processing of plastic and metal. The Datron accessories and CNC processing equipment are perfectly synchronized. The highest degree of quality, precision, and process dependability for your production is guaranteed by CNC machines, high-perforᴍᴀɴce accessories, and high-grade tools.

Stainless Steel Material Machining
An operation on stainless steel that one of Rinaldi Giuseppe’s CNC machines performed. An Italian family-run business called Rinaldi Giuseppe has been producing precise mechanical parts for more than 40 years. It primarily deals with the production of machine tools, parts for the automotive and electromechanical industries, and components for automatic machines in the pharmaceutical and packaging sectors. Mori Seiki CNC lathes with motorized tool heads, bezel in cycle, and polygoning systems are available at Rinaldi Giuseppe. CNC machining centers made by Mori Seiki and Hwacheon, as well as CNC lathes with bar loaders and comb turrets. SIG and Utita drilling machines, conventional parallel lathes for specialized machining, and grinding for exterior diameters and surfaces.

Mega machining centre
Kingsbury, Heidenhain TNC 640 Control unit, and Hermle C 60 U MT. improved metal cutting with up to 17% more productivity as well as faster and more precise cutting. The largest workpieces may be handled by this gigantic machining center. With a collision circle up to 1400mm in diameter, it can machine up to 2500kg in 5 axes. High-tech spindles with high torque or high speed values are also used. The C60 does not need a base and may be transported without being disassembled.

Trochoidal Milling
Trochoidal milling utilizing Aᴜsᴛʀɪᴀn-supplied Widia varimil. Trochoidal milling is a technique for creating slots that are wider than the cutting diameter of the instrument used to cut them. Trochoidal tool paths, a succession of circular cuts, are used to achieve this. Trochoidal milling, a type of high-efficiency milling, utilizes high speeds while preserving a low radial depth of cut and a high axial depth of cut. The cutter removes material in repeated slices in its radial direction using a series of continuous spiral tool paths.

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