Helmet for 5-Axis Machine Cutting made by Daishin Seiki

CNC machine

With the introduction of a 5-axis machine in 2008, we began to push the boundaries of 5-axis machining. The clamping points are the only item that 5-axis machines cannot machine, making practically any spherical maCʜɪɴᴀble.

The “1/1 helmet” project, which addressed the issue of what sort of spherical sample might be made on the machine’s 500mm table, provided the answer to this query. The machine must naturally be able to cut correctly in accordance with the program in order to create the optimum 5-axis machining sample. However, at the time, ᴍᴀɴy 5-axis machines were still in their infancy, and it was the Gerᴍᴀɴ-built DMG machine that made it possible. It was evident that the machine had to be the one that would be used for the machining of the helmet.

It was crucial to have a CAM system that would inspire engineers to push the envelope. In spite of the fact that OpenMind and hyperMILL are now fundamental to our 5-axis machining, they have been offering us their exceptional algorithms, staggering interference avoidance capabilities, and once-understood ease of use for more than ten years. Our enthusiasm for technological inquiry has unquestionably increased thanks to HyperMILL.

The impressive 5 million views for a machining video serve as evidence of the innovation developed by Daishin Seiki engineers in partnership with DMGMORI and hyperMILL. I’m incredibly thankful that the “1/1 helmet” and the film we made in 2009, which were the result of our learning and work at the time, have endured and still serve as a shining example of 5-axis machining. Over the past ten years, as we have expanded, DMGMORI and hyperMILL, two of our major partners, have also advanced. The industrial industry is changing quickly, but the relationship that is today considered a family won’t alter and will last into the future.

Let’s see 5-Axis Machine Cutting Helmet – Daishin Seiki Corporation in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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