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Per Morten Haram, an organic potato farmer, demonstrates that the most intelligent farmers grow the strongest potatoes in a film short created by Berlin producer Jakob Grunert for the metro initiative. At Anuga, the initiative presented its aims and the video: It seeks to increase interest in local organic products and support organic farming by collaborating along the full value chain.

In fact, the KN was able to bring together relevant representatives from all levels, from the producer to the food retail sector, for the first time, and also produced results that were immediately observable: The participating trading houses Rewe, Tegut, and Alnatura announced right after the first meeting in June 2014 that they would only want to market local organic potatoes as far as they were available. This was a significant signal given that the demand for local organic products is constantly rising while the cultivation areas are stagnant.

However, the mehrbio program aims to do more than just boost organic potato sales and harvest rates. She also wants to encourage people to eat organic food that has not yet been achieved and increase understanding of the principles behind organic farming. This inspired the idea to get in touch with Berlin producer Jakob Grunert, whose advertising clip “Supergeil” for Edeka had been a click ʜɪᴛ. I was tempted to create soᴍᴇᴛʜing persuasive for myself and to demonstrate that the undeniable advantages of organic farming may be proven with tact.

The brief yet entertaining video was recorded in Lower Saxony during the potato harvest. Per Morten Haram, an organic farmer was able to demonstrate his talent for the major song and was hired to play on his own potato field.

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Video resource: MEHRBIO.DE

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