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The potent forging technique is used to create forged parts, steel balls, automobile parts, steel rings, cold-forged aluminum, and more. The oldest ᴍᴇᴛʜod of metal formation is forging. It was manual labor that was reliant on the blacksmith’s arm power. The arm of the blacksmith was changed in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Machines were introduced at the beginning of the industrial revolution, and pressure hammers took the position of the blacksmith’s arm. Today, a variety of forging equipment is available that can produce parts in the widest range of sizes and shapes, including pins, nails, tools, huge axes, turbine rotors, and airplane wings.

Anyang Forging Machine
Machine for forging steel balls. After being heated to 50% of its melting point, the steel bar is chopped and formed into a forging roll. The Anyang Forging Press Company focuses on developing steel ball-forming equipment of the highest caliber for our clients. There are three different processes for producing steel balls: rolling, forging, and casting. As is well known, the working conditions for casting are also poor, as is the quality of the casting ball.

Additionally, despite the fact that we are aware of the best forging ball quality’s low manufacturing rate. One of the modern steel ball manufacturing equipment with the highest efficiency is the Anyang ZQ series skew rolling mill. The key trend in the steel ball sector will be the Anyang skew rolling mill. The Anyang skew rolling mill’s biggest advantage as a replacement for cast iron balls is high output; for instance, the ZQ-40 steel ball automatic production line can produce steel balls at a rate of 90 pieces per minute. On the other hand, the quality of rolling balls is significantly higher than that of casting balls because of the special heat treatment procedure that is carried out after rolling by the skew rolling mill.

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