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Your skin may be dried out, your makeup may be hidden in the overhead bin, and what about your hair? Does it matter if you travel in first class or economy on cheap international flights? Let’s simply say that your sweatshirt’s hood is a fantastic thing to have. Take advice from the travel experts on how to maintain your best appearance if you’re concerned that your plane travels may wreck your beauty routine. The best-kept secrets for long-haul air hostess attractiveness are listed here!

There simply isn’t another way to look at it. Flight attendants, medical professionals, and frequent travelers all agree that drinking water is the greatest treatment for tired, dry skin. The greatest strategy to prevent your skin from turning arid is to consume enough of water. And although while there isn’t really a better option if you can’t drink that much still water, try switching to herbal tea in place of the booze and coffee!

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly already follow a rigid skin care routine. That skincare routine might be a little challenging to complete given the TSA liquid restriction and those cramped airplane facilities. Instead, use one of these long-haul flight beauty tips to maintain the suppleness of your skin:

Try transitioning to a shorter, easier version of your moisturizing and cleansing routine since you can’t bring your full-sized items with you. Choose a hydro-based moisturizer that you can use repeatedly throughout your flight if you have naturally dry skin or combination skin; it will maintain your skin soft and supple without clogging your pores or requiring you to wash your face repeatedly. Try a thicker, cream-based moisturizer or perhaps a night cream if you have oily skin. Before you board your flight, put some on, and as you get ᴄʟᴏsᴇr to landing, cleanse your face and apply more.

Or, in this situation, you will resemble what you consume. Your in-flight meals and snacks should be light and nutritious, say the flight attendants. Sure, it’s simple to give in to your cravings and select the heavier meal options halfway through that foreign flight when you’re tired and hungry. The only reprieve you might have for a while sounds like pasta, pizza, or beef curry with wʜɪᴛe rice.

But even while you could experience a little moment of contentment while you’re chewing on those heavier options, you’ll usually feel lethargic, exhausted, and bloated when the meal is through. If the discomfort isn’t enough of a deterrent, keep in mind that oily, salty food may cause you to swell, giving the appearance of puffy eyes and cheeks.

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