First unassisted landing


I had been looking forward to this day for a while. I have been chair-flying my traffic patterns for the past two weeks, one addition at a time, and I was curious to see how it would convert into an actual flight. The fact that I never fail, never make any mistakes, and always take off properly in chair-flying is a significant difference between chair-flying and actual flight.

I always climb and turn in the right direction. I always operate the controls precisely, and I always land with perfection. However, the actual flight is stranger than that. When you are in the air, things are constantly changing, and a slight adjustment might alter the entire direction of your traffic pattern. Today, I crossed the bridge because I was resolved to do so.

I made my first solo landing today. To get there, it took me about an hour and TEN traffic patterns, but I made it, and with each attempt, it became better and better. Hero in the retreat phase and Hero in the victory phase are the two unique phases I will use to define today’s evolution.

I was prepared for today’s lecture, as I previously stated. I was ready to take off, fly through the traffic pattern, reach the last leg, land, and touch down. I had made all the necessary adjustments and had reached my airspeed goals for each leg.

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Video resource: Central Coast Aero Club

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