First trip back as a flight attendant – What they do


In order to ensure the security and safety of the traveling public, major airlines are required by law to employ flight attendants. Although ensuring that security and safety procedures are followed is the major responsibility of the flight attendants, they also work to make passengers’ trips comfortable and pleasurable.

The captain, or pilot in command, briefs the attendants at least an hour before takeoff on matters such emergency evacuation protocols, crew cooperation, the length of the flight, anticipated weather conditions, and any Uɴɪqᴜᴇ passenger difficulties. First-aid kits, other emergency equipment, and the condition of the passenger cabin, including the availability of enough food, drink, and any other amenities, are all checked by flight attendants. Flight attendants welcome passengers as they enter the aircraft, look over their tickets, and instruct them on where to put their Cᴀʀʀʏ-on luggage.

Before takeoff, flight attendants brief every passenger on how to use the emergency equipment and double-check that everyone is wearing a seatbelt, that the seat backs are upright, and that any Cᴀʀʀʏ-on luggage is securely stored. The most crucial duty of a flight attendant is to assist passengers in an emergency while in the air. Reassuring passengers amid bad weather to ordering passengers to leave a plane after an emergency landing are just a few examples of safety-related acts.

Additionally, flight attendants provide information about the flight and assist anyone who needs it, including infants, the elderly, those with disabilities, and small children. First aid can be given by flight attendants to sɪᴄᴋ passengers. On most flights, flight attendants sell precooked meals or snacks in addition to typically serving beverages. The flight attendants count the headsets, alcoholic drinks, and money they have collected before landing. Additionally, they document any medical issues that passengers may have encountered, the state of the cabin’s technology, and any ʟᴏsᴛ or found items.

Lead, or first, flight attendants—also referred to as pursers—supervise the work of the other flight attendants on board the aircraft while Cᴀʀʀʏing out many of the same responsibilities themselves.

This video below takes you through the first trip back of a flight attendant. It was a super fun trip, and she loved recording it!

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Video resource: Jetset With Jess

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