First solo flight Diamond 40 Plane – Landing A plane alone | Cockpit View


I made my first solo flight in the Diamond 40. I hope you may benefit from the “beginning blunders” I noticed in the video I created two years ago. The GoPro is really hung inside the cockpit, and I completely forgot about it.

The runways can be located by pilots by using their own eyes or by following instructions from an air traffic controller and an instrument approach aid such as the ILS or RNAV systems.
Other approach aids, such as VOR and NDB radio navigation systems, are available, although they are being phased out globally. The ILS is currently the most accurate and enables pilots to fly as low as 200 feet over the runway, or in the case of contemporary commercial aircraft, they can autoland in zero visibility!

Although descents to 4–500 feet over the runway are typical and the GPS precision is not yet there, they are considerably easier to plan and operate for smaller airports. Therefore, don’t panic if you notice the wheels are down but you still can’t see the ground when you next glance out the plane window since the pilots are paying attention.

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Video resource: DutchPilotGirl

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