Final Operation Of The 9-Axis Doosan PUMA SMX 3100 Titanium Aerospace Part

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Doosan’s line of best-selling mill-turn centers has been expanded to include the next-generation super SMX 3100 series. The impressive technical specifications of the machines in the line include a 12′′/15′′ chuck (102mm bar capacity), a 40/80 position tool front-mounted ATC (Capto C6), a 300mm (+/- 150mm) Y-axis, a 240° B-axis, milling capability, and a new orthogonal, ergonomic design that earned the series the coveted RED DOT Product Design Award in 2013. (12,000rpm).

The SMX 3100 model comes with a tailstock, while the SMX 3100S variant comes with a sub-spindle (4000rpm). Both variants have a 660mm maximum turning diameter and a 1540mm maximum turning length.

With the milling and turning capabilities of the PUMA SMX series, workpieces may be quickly and precisely machined in a single setup. Due to its great stiffness and temperature compensation characteristics, the machines in this line of multi-tasking turning centers deliver continuously outstanding perforᴍᴀɴce.

Let’s see 9-Axis Doosan PUMA SMX 3100 Titanium Aerospace Part Final Operation in the amazing video below.

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Video resource: TITANS of CNC MACHINING

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