Fendt IDEAL combine harvester – Grain harvest 2020 black monster in large-scale agriculture

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The new top-end model of our large combine harvester series has a new 16.2-liter ᴍᴀɴ engine and complies with stage V of the European emissions standard. The Fendt IDEAL 10 promises even more power and output with a maximum output of 790 horsepower, a redesigned cleaning system, and a larger version of the well-known Dual Helix separator. In addition to having 143 horsepower more than the next-largest model, the IDEAL 9, the new Fendt IDEAL 10 also includes a redesigned cleaning technology and 15% more cleaning capacity. The grain drops to the top sieve through 2 curved double-drop stages when using the Cyclone Cleaning System.

The broader air exit provided by the curved steps can greatly increase air volume and improve cleaning efficiency. Most of the short straw and chaff are sorted on the first level with two drop levels. On the second, the residual non-grain components are divided. On the Fendt IDEAL 10T, cleaning takes place over four portions, therefore IDEALbalanceTM has been adjusted accordingly. Two return floors guarantee uniform distribution and coverage throughout the prep floor.

For the Fendt IDEAL 10, the Rotor Dual Helix, formerly available for the Fendt IDEAL 8 and 9, is available in a larger size. The Fendt IDEAL 107’s concave surface area is increased by 12% thanks to two extra separator concaves. The combine harvester features an even larger separation capacity for even greater throughput with a separation area of 4.54m2.

Since the invention and ᴍᴀɴufacture of self-propelled harvesters, it is difficult to conceive a world without a steering wheel. The combination harvester’s steering wheel has its uses, but it also has certain drawbacks. The steering column is entirely replaced by the new IDEALdrive steering system. When using IDEALdrive steering, a joystick on the left armrest is used to appropriately move the vehicle. The right armrest’s joystick still performs the same functions as before. While the right hand controls the speed, the left hand steers.

The driver now gets a clear view to the front and a direct view of the inclined main crop elevator’s cutting unit and feeder thanks to the new machine control system. The innovative ᴍᴇᴛʜod conforms with all European traffic and automotive laws. All tracked machines from the IDEAL series 7 to 10 will be able to be equipped as an option with the joystick control IDEALdrive beginning with the 2021 model year.

Let’s see Fendt IDEAL combine harvester – Grain harvest 2020 black monster in large-scale agriculture in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: AgrarBlick

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