Female pilot repeatedly mistaken for a flight attendant


Pilot Sabrina revealed in a TikTok video that she was frequently mistaken for cabin crew even though her uniform clearly indicated she was a co-pilot. The video quickly gained popularity. A pilot expressed her annoyance last week after one of her coworkers mistook her for a flight attendant. According to the Mirror, Sabrina uploaded a video to TikTok depicting herself in the flight deck of a jet she was about to fly.

Given that pilots and flight attendants wear different uniforms, the young pilot was obviously upset with the scenario.

Both men and women occasionally wear wʜɪᴛe shirts, but the pilots’ shirts have stripes on the shoulders.

A pilot’s rank is indicated by the number of stripes; two stripes indicate a flight engineer or second officer, three stripes a first officer, and four stripes a captain.

Three stripes on Sabrina’s uniform indicate that she is the first officer on her flight, which means she is the co-pilot and the captain’s second-in-comᴍᴀɴd.

Airport staff and airline employees expressed their horror at the error in the comments section. Some people have even asserted that the perpetrator did it on purpose to undermine Sabrina.

The young lady added that she had previously been mistaken for a flight attendant. It mostly occurs amongst gate agents in real life, which is more frequently than I would like to see. I have had to correct people who have tried to give me a flight attendant jump seat by telling them that I need the jump seat in the cockpit.

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Video resource: Just Planes

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