Female 747 Pilot takeoff from Mᴇxɪᴄᴏ City


Any aircraft’s takeoff happens when it lifts off the ground and begins to travel through the air. There is a lot more to it than that, though. The takeoff itself is broken up into a few separate stages, and there are a lot of things that must be done beforehand.

Any type of aircraft, from a little single-engine training plane to a big passenger airliner, might have this problem. It goes without saying that some of the procedures will vary significantly depending on the size and type of the aircraft. In this post, we’ll go into great detail on how to fly a small aircraft, which is what most private pilots use.

You might just get in your car and drive away when you go for a drive. You might quickly check your fuel level and give your tires a cursory inspection. But I doubt you do anything else.

The pilot will then need to perform his pre-flight inspections. The external checks entail his walking around the aircraft while using a checklist and carefully noting everything from the condition of the fuel to the condition of the wings and other moving parts. This has major significance. After all, he cannot simply stop in the air and fix any problems, just like you can stop your car by the side of the road. He must therefore confirm everything in advance.

The pilot then ascends, assists the passengers in doing so, and checks to make sure everyone is securely fastened in and that there are no loose objects nearby. Then there are a ton of internal checks to be done, some before starting the engine, some while it is running, and others while it is operating at maximum power. Again, before takeoff, the pilot must confirm that everything is operating as it should.

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Video resource: Captain Boeing

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