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By displacing and flowing metal into a thread shape, thread rolling machines produce threads. Screw, bolt, and stud production is done with the aid of thread rolling machines. External screw threads are created in a blank through the cold-form forming process known as thread rolling. A hard die is applied to a rotating workpiece that is connected to the thread rolling machine during the thread rolling process. The workpiece is gradually subjected to more force by the thread rolling machine. With this force, the attached blank is rolled with the thread profile from the hard die. The roots of the thread are formed by dislodging material from the blank, and the dislodged material then flows outward.

For all-purpose fasteners, symmetrical threads are used because they are simpler to ᴍᴀɴufacture. The V-profile of the most prevalent screw thread form is symmetrical. Unified screw threads and metric threads are the two most popular thread types. Wʜɪᴛworth and acme threads are examples of additional symmetrical thread types. The planetary thread rolling machine and the rotary thread rolling machine are the two primary types of thread rolling equipment. The screw blank is kept stationary by planetary thread rolling machines as several thread rolling machines rotate around it. Planetary roller screws, which are used in precise applications requiring linear motion, are made by planetary thread rolling machines. The machine tools used to thread roll brass and steel are also used to thread roll aluminum.

Compared to tapping or threading, thread rolling machines allow for a much faster process. Additionally, thread rolling creates fine surfaces, has high output rates, requires little in the way of raw materials, and doesn’t generate chips. In terms of resistance to tension, shear, and fatigue, threads and screws created by thread rolling machines are much stronger. Static tensile tests have revealed up to a 30% increase in part strength.

Additionally, because the thread grain is formed in an uninterrupted line rather than being severed, thread rolling machines offer greater accuracy. Due to the long die life, low maintenance requirements, and high production rates, thread rolling machines are more cost-effective than cut threads. For thread sizes and pitches, the International Standards Organization (ISO) had created global standards.

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