Fantastic Hᴜɢᴇ Steel Tube Bending Machines Working Perfect.

CNC machine Technology

Tube Bending
With diameters from 3/8″ to 24″ and nearly any size in between, we can bend round, rectangular, and square tubing. Among the OEM uses are bicycle racks, elbows for industrial plants, and roll-over protection (ROP) components for autos. For parts of roof trusses, bridge stringers, canopies, and circular staircases, tube bending is employed in construction. Together with their engineers, our engineers created and constructed arms to support the buckets on CNH Global’s front-end loaders. Working with arcʜɪᴛects, structural engineers, and fabricators, we applied our tube bending knowledge to the top of the University of Phoenix Stadium and the largest McDonald’s arches in the world.

Pipe Bending
Chicago Metal Rolled Products has the ability to bend pipes up to a 24-inch diameter. OEM applications include bending pipes for agricultural and construction equipment, process piping, including parts for General Electric, and antennas. Among the uses in construction are sections for curved pipe trusses, bridges, elliptical steps, and canopies. Working with arcʜɪᴛect Frank Gehry and SOM engineers, we bent 570 tons of pipes for a substantial trellis in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Beam Bending
The largest beam bender in the world is used by Chicago Metal Rolled Products to manually bend beams up to 44 inches. OEM uses for beam bending include cradles, monorails, tank stiffeners, and heavy machinery parts. Beam bending is used in the construction of roof supports, bridges, canopies, arches, and curved facades.

Let’s examine the efficiency with which the large steel tube bending machines function. You can watch some fantastic large metal plates rolling in the video down below.

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