Fantastic CNC work process. What Are the Fundamentals of CNC Milling and Turning?

CNC machine Technology

Because it offers improved precision and reproducibility that are challenging to obtain with manual techniques alone, CNC technology has dominated the metal forming business in recent years. It could be challenging to distinguish between the many CNC technologies available on the market and understand their purposes. CNC turning produces products faster and more efficiently than CNC milling, despite the fact that the two processes are almost interchangeable. While CNC turning and milling share many characteristics, they also differ significantly in a few key ways. The cutting tool’s range of motion places constraints on CNC milling. Although CNC turning is less effective at conserving materials, it offers more complicated design options and quicker processes.

CNC milling
CNC milling is a mechanical technique that removes material from a workpiece to create parts or components that are specifically designed. It makes use of spinning multipoint cutting tools and computerized controls. In these systems, three linear degrees of freedom are typical. They are unrestricted in their movement in the X, Y, and Z axes while the workpiece is kept still. Due of this limited dimensional operation, which slows down processes, milling is better suited for prototypes and short production runs.

CNC Turning
A tool is fed to the workpiece while rotating bars of material in a chuck during CNC turning to remove material until the required form is attained. The name “subtraction machining” refers to the process of eliminating material in order to create the desired shape. The job can be completed entirely from one side if the CNC turning center only has one turret, however some turning centers contain both a main spindle and a sub-spindle for even faster operation. The main spindle begins machining the workpiece in part before passing it to the sub-spindle to complete the task on the other side of the part. Due to their speed, CNC turning processes are perfect for big production runs with short lead periods.

In the video below, we’ll look at the fantastic CNC working process as well as the fundamentals of CNC milling and turning.

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