Extremely Fast CNC 5 Axis Machine from Heller Group’s HF series

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Our F series 5-axis machining centers’ essential components include a sturdy machine build, good process knowledge, and a wealth of milling expertise. The benefits to you are obvious: maximum production and superb 5-axis machining quality, even during continuous operation. The Heller F-series 5-axis machining center is the greatest choice for anyone wishing to perform a range of operations on one machine and produce dependably, both today and in the future.

5-axis machining centers F at a glance
The fifth axis of a universal 5-axis machining center’s tool allows for powerful 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining. Spindle units with tilting or swiveling heads feature strong machine kinematics and high-torque spindle technology. Part prices are decreased by reducing the number of clamping locations and cutting in a single configuration. Can be applied to a variety of parts and materials. Pallet changer-equipped machines (FP) are best for mass manufacturing. Machines with table loading (FT) for workshop-based manufacturing and small batch quantities. Automation of workpieces or pallets is straightforward.

Machine concept
Only a machine design that correctly balances strength and lightweight can produce the best surface quality and a lengthy tool service life. The primary elements of our F-series 5-axis machining centers were likewise calculated using the Fem approach, just like with all Heller machines. The finished product includes a machine bed that has been stiffness-optimized and a lightweight column to ensure a high dynamic with precise precision.

Let’s see extreme fast CNC 5-axis machine – HF series machines of Heller group in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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