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ʜɪᴛachi EX1200-7
ʜɪᴛachi has unveiled the EX1200-7 excavator, which it claims will provide clients more efficiency, dependability, and durability. Following the recent introduction of the EX2600-7 and EX5600-7, the excavator is the third device in ʜɪᴛachi’s new EX-7 series lineup and is offered in North and South America. With a 7 m3 bucket capacity, the new EX1200-7 also boasts a 4.5% increase in bucket capacity. The new machine includes an enhanced hydraulic system with a flow regeneration valve to reduce the power requirements from the hydraulic system and engine, cutting fuel consumption and extending pump life. It also has an optimized swing control.

The EX1200-7 undercarriage has three single-sided upper rollers on each side of the track frame for dependable perforᴍᴀɴce. These rollers maintain track shoe clearance and lessen debris accumulation. The boom and arm are also welded, utilizing a full-box section construction to distribute stress evenly and make maintenance simple. The front attachment hoses’ underslung low bend configuration eliminates the need for clamping, which helps to lessen chafing and boost reliability.

Liebherr R 9800
The R 9800 combines productivity and flexibility to satisfy our clients’ needs. In addition to an electric variant, Liebherr provides two thermal engine options for this machine: Cummins or Liebherr. For large-scale mining, the R 9800 and the Liebherr T 264, T 274 and T 284 trucks offer a highly efficient and affordable mining solution.

The R 9800 is a sizable investment and a powerful symbol of the health of our business and dedication to cooperation throughout project delivery in mining and construction, according to BGC Contracting, which was pleased to announce the commissioning of its new equipment. Liebherr-Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ anticipates assisting BGC Contracting as they broaden their fleet of Liebherr vehicles throughout the nation.

Cat 336D2 GC
With an operating weight of 32 900 kg, the new Cat® 336D2 GC hydraulic excavator is built for maximum client value and delivers strong production in a variety of challenging applications while significantly decreasing fuel consumption in Eco-mode. The engine’s constant speed helps to fuel efficiency and lower noise levels, and electronic control of the fuel and air systems provides maximum power. For additional fuel savings, the engine speed is automatically decreased when the load is light. A new three-stage fuel-filtration system efficiently removes impurities from fuel that may be of low quality, minimizing downtime and providing the best possible protection for the engine and fuel-system components.

The hydraulic system of the 336D2 GC generates enough power to handle a variety of buckets and work equipment while operating at a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa and delivering optimal fluid flows from each of two big pumps. Regeneration valves in the boom and stick circuits effectively recycle hydraulic fluid to reduce loads on the pumps, and an electronic pressure sensor reduces pump flow when there is a light load to increase efficiency and save fuel. The flexibility of an optional auxiliary-hydraulic system to handle powered work tools increases adaptability.

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