Everyday Make Up & Hair for Flying of Flight Attendant


When I applied for the position at Emirates, I was eager to learn how to do my makeup and all of the tricks since before joining Emirates, I was always interested by how flight attendants ᴍᴀɴage to do their makeup and still look beautiful after a long trip.

After travelling for over two years, I believe I have finally mastered the art of looking decent while also making sure my makeup lasts the entire flight and looks beautiful after. Here are the most astounding things Collins taught me about working for the elite division of one of the best airlines in the world.

Emirates enjoys maintaining consistency. You can have French ᴍᴀɴicures, light pink nails, or bare nails. The Imaging and Grooming Department has also provided a list of the various red nail polish options that we have. It’s necessary to wear lip liner and a “Emirates red” lipstick. Because it lasts for a very long time, we prefer to use Mac’s Rᴜssɪᴀn Red. Black or beige eyeshadow is an option, and liquid eyeliner is advised.

A bun with a red scrunchie or a French twist are both options. Red scrunchie is not required. I typically use one of those “hair donuts” to create my bun. Some girls are quite sᴋɪʟʟed with their hair and cosmetics, while others prefer to look more natural. You can take classes to learn how to apply cosmetics and take care of your skin.

Either pearl earrings or studs made of diamond or crystal are acceptable. No necklaces are permitted. Watches are acceptable, but they must be straightforward. We typically wear a wʜɪᴛe shirt, skirt, and accessories like a jacket, hat, and scarf. With the exception of the purser, every member of the crew wears the same color clothing.

It’s a rather significant difference, particularly when it comes to dining. In First Class, we have “silver service” dining, which means that appetizers, main courses, and desserts are all served at different times, and customers can “dine on deᴍᴀɴd” whenever they want. In economy, there is only one tray. We learn the proper use of the various plates and cutlery for each course.

You must have a good comprehension of what you’re pouring when serving stuff like Dom Perignon and Bordeaux. The distinction between old world and new world wines, as well as those between champagnes, bourbons, whiskeys, and other spirits, must be understood.

We wear heels to the airport and for boarding, but after we take off, we can change into red flats. I know some girls would rather not, but I couldn’t fly for 16 hours in heels. We change into “service attire” after takeoff, removing the jacket and donning a waistcoat. There are constantly new people around. Rarely, but occasionally, you will see someone you flew with once last year when you enter the briefing room prior to the flight.

Let’s see Everyday Make Up & Hair for Flying of Flight Attendant in the ᴀᴡᴇsoem video below.

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