Emirates Flight as Cabin Crew – Things you don’t see as a Passenger


Emirates consistently ranks among the top airlines in the world and is regarded as one of the most opulent. Therefore, it should not come as an sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇ that the airline based in Dubai only selects about 22,000 candidates for its cabin crew each year out of the approximately 144,000 applications it receives. It takes a lot of work to land this sought-after employment, which comes with free housing in Dubai and deeply cheap tickets.

According to one flight attendant, getting a job as a flight attendant at Emirates is difficult, but getting a job working first class is even more difficult.

From short-haul economy flights, Sɪɴɢᴀᴘᴏʀᴇan Siti Nurazlin worked her way up to first class. She claimed in an interview with Business Insider that it takes roughly two years in the workforce to advance to business, and an additional two years to work for first class. In another five years, she claims that those who are “extremely motivated” can advance to the position of flight purser or chief flight attendant.

After being offered the position, she was flown to Dubai for an eight-week training program that Nurazlin described as “tough but entertaining,” covering everything from “delivering wonderful service to delivering babies if we have to.”

She also talked about a simulator that enables flight attendants to train what to do in various emergency situations, such as battling fires and dealing with hijackings. They may even practice opening jet doors and utilizing inflatable slides.

Nurazlin said that she wasn’t fully aware of the sᴄᴏᴘe of her obligations at the time she applied. I initially thought it was very fancy and that I wouldn’t need to learn all that much. I was aware of some things I needed to do, but not in this detail.

According to Nurazlin, necklaces are not permitted, however, diamond or pearl stud earrings are. She added nails can have a ɴᴜᴅᴇ or red polish or a French manicure, and there are only two permitted hairstyles: a French twist or a bun. Makeup must be kept natural, although she believes “eyeliner and mascara is a must” as well as “Emirates red lipstick.”

Male flight attendants must be clean-shaven, use minimal hair products, and have no visible tattoos when in uniform, according to Nurazlin. According to Nurazlin, flight attendants receive a day of training in skincare and makeup.

Nine flights are typically worked by Nurazlin each month. She claims that around a month in advance, cabin crew can bid on flights, and if they’re lucky if their bids are accepted, they get to fly wherever they want.

She claims that even though her schedule is subject to weekly modification, flights might run up to 16 hours. Although she claims to take rests, she estimates that she spends roughly 11 hours of the 16-hour flight on her feet. Naturally, she continues, traveling is the nicest part of her job, and she estimates that she has traveled with Emirates to around 100 cities.

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