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Axle shafts capable of carrying a lot of weight are a typical component of motorized vehicles. The rotational force from the vehicle’s transmission system is sent to the wheels attached to these components, commonly known as CV axles or half-shafts. Axle shafts are required to be able to support heavy loads like passengers, cargo, and the vehicle’s own mass by design. A component may flex or shatter under pressure if it is overloaded even though it was designed to withstand heavy loads. Physical impact from collisions, potholes, and uneven roads may have a similar effect.

What does an axle shaft do?
Drive axles are crucial parts of the powertrain because they connect the transmission to the wheels of a vehicle. The axle shaft is the main device used to transmit the rotational force and power from the transmission to drive the vehicle. The force of the gearbox causes the wheels affixed to the axle shaft to rotate. The two haft axles and the two universal joints of each axle shaft are different. In the end, axle shafts make it possible for vehicles to roll and control wheel motion. The wheels of the car wouldn’t move at all or in the right way without reliable drive shafts.

Drive shaft – Axle shaft
Drive shafts and axle shafts are two automotive components that transfer power to move a vehicle. Drive shafts, hollow metal tubes with universal end joints, are used to transfer power from the transmission to the rear differential gearbox. The axle shaft then transmits this power to the wheels. Solid rods with teeth cut at both ends are termed axle shafts. Unlike the drive shafts, which are visible running down the center of the vehicle, the axle shaft is concealed in the perpendicular housing that extends from the rear differential gearbox to each wheel.

Axle shaft from Avon Machining
High-quality shafts for small and large autos are Avon Machining’s area of expertise. Steel axles have a maximum length of 80 inches and a maximum width of 18 inches. Utilizing a range of quality testing ᴍᴇᴛʜodologies, we offer internal inspection services out of our lab to assess the dependability and standard of our products. You can rely on us to produce high-quality axles since we have the required equipment, expertise, and experience.

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