Do Pilots need Math and Physics? The real answer


The importance of mathematics and physics in aviation Is the ability to compute important? When soᴍᴇᴛʜing needs to be calculated, everyone uses a calculator, right? And while you are flying an airplane, do you really need to comprehend physics? Numerous inquiries about mathematics and physics were made. I’ll try to clear up any confusion because it seems there is still a lot of it.

The short answer
It’s crucial to have a foundational knowledge of arithmetic and physics. You must be able to rapidly, accurately, and by heart calculate. Physics and mathematics are essential to flying an aircraft. Consider for a moment how an aircraft with that much weight is able to take off. How do lift and drag operate, and how do you figure out how far an airplane must fly from the peak of descent in order to maintain a 3 degree glide path to the runway?

Flight training
You must pass exams on 14 theoretical courses in order to complete your flight training. Due to the usage of formulas and calculations, some of them call deᴍᴀɴd a fundamental knowledge of arithmetic and physics. Calculations are a big part of a few disciplines like Principles of Flight, Mass and Balance, General Navigation, and Flight Planning & Monitoring.

During your flight training, you will be at a disadvantage if you have never had to perform a similar task. There just isn’t time to learn about math or physics while you are in the middle of the hard training. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a pilot doesn’t need you to have exceptional math sᴋɪʟʟs. However, you must be able to swiftly convert between and comprehend various formulas and graphs, thus you must have a fundamental grasp of arithmetic and physics. You will encounter concepts like Ohm’s Law, Turn Radius, Law of Moments, Point of Equal Time, Point of No Return, Departure formula, and Lift formula during the program.

Being an airline pilot
You perform particular calculations every day as an airline pilot. The work includes calculations for fuel, Top of Descent, crosswind, tailwind, endurance, time, and even just verifying the loadsheet. Since pulling out a calculator is frequently inefficient, the majority of these calculations are performed by memory.

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