Cutting High-Speed Machining Tools 5 axis Milling and Lathe Gear Machining

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The complexity of making tools is growing in the current metalworking sector. Production molds frequently have complex geometry, undercut sections, small corner radius portions, sharp edges, deep cavities, or large cores. For machining these intricate features, standard production process chains are drawn-out and require numerous steps. It is frequently necessary to create specialized work holding fixtures or pricey electrodes, especially to reach certain features.

Deep cavities must be machined using long series cutting tools. High quality and lead time requirements impede the conventional production technologies’ ability to produce goods more efficiently. However, cutting the process chain short is the only way to achieve considerable operating time and cost savings. This paper presents recent findings from business ventures and experimental endeavors and discusses them. The focus is on improving productivity and quality through the effective use of high-end CaD/CaM technologies and 5-axis machining.

Special consideration is given to cutting tools and tool holding devices that support the entire process. A comparison between 3-axis machining and 5-axis cutting as an alternative option has been made based on the examination of various case studies, illustrating the immense potential of this potent but also quite complex technology. This serves as a backdrop for demonstrating the expanded application of 5-axis simultaneous machining, which goes much beyond the typical geometry consideration. This successfully reduces lead times and optimizes costs as intended.

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Video resource: CaD/CaM SOLUTION

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