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Komatsu mining – Hybrid Diesel LHDS
The joy 22 metric ton diesel LHDS is a load haul dump featuring electric drives compared to other LHDS in its segment. The 22 HD promises the quickest quicker acceleration lower fuel consumption lower heat rejection and best-in-class breakout and rim-to-pull all of which lead to the lowest overall running cost of any LHD in its class. These key advantages are made possible by the Uɴɪqᴜᴇ proprietary ability to store and use energy when it is most needed. This energy regeneration offers a variety of benefits that lead to a substantial decrease in overall costs.

SRS Sjolanders AB – Road – Rail Vehicle
We’ve got a road-rail system made by SRS. It is fitted with a hydrostatic driven up to 100 kilometers an hour on the forward and reverse tracks and up to 90 kilometers an hour on the lane. This mobility helps a lot in the fast travel to and from the office. The rail system allows only three to five meters of a level crossing to be moved from the road so the railway operators could drive it quickly and safely off the track in less than two minutes. There is no chance of derailment at crossing points wing rails and level crossings. It can also be ᴍᴀɴually controlled and there are no specific speed limit requirements for curved switches and level crossings undoubtedly this elegance of engineering is a wonder.

Trioliet B.V
The trimix silage cutter and diet feeder is an economically appealing machines. With this self-loading feed mixer, the full loading, mixing, and discharging procedure may be completed by just one person and one tractor. The trio mix features a moving cutting knife and a purpose-designed cutting and loading system that guarantees minimum wastage during cutting which maintains. The structure of the feed thanks to its very compact form and excellent view to the rear from the tractor the robust trio mix is very easy to ᴍᴀɴeuver. The trimix is also available with a shear blade for the trisomies.

Hytrans fire system – Monitor Trailer system
High transfer system provides a wide variety of trailer fixed and handheld monitors. Proven and well-tested system parts ensure high performance and a large array of launches. This trailer is Uɴɪqᴜᴇ due to its fully flat aluminum-plated anti-slip frame and the incredibly low overall height of the platform. The monitor is simple to install with a small amount of additional material required to get it up and running. The machine is fitted with two 12-inch hoses with his multi-lug couplings and other inlet couplings of choice.

The QALY 2000 is regarded as the most powerful telesᴄᴏᴘic crane in the world. This large-scale crane cleverly constructed in a compact design was built to carry 2 000 tons at a height that is difficult to imagine. It is based on a 9-axial all-terrain crane technology with an additional 3-axle auxiliary drive set. Before entering the market each QAY 2000 has to pass extremely difficult tests that assess its loading systems. Including structural parts hydraulics and braking systems which have to withstand their tests safe and sound and demonstrate their industrial supremacy by an enormous capacity.

Let’s watch crazy trucks and Ingenious machines in the amazing video below.

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