Cost of Becoming An Airline Pilot: A Major Investment


It’s an appealing career path to pursue commercial airline pilot training. You can travel the globe, interact with fascinating people, and potentially earn six-figure salaries for your time while ᴍᴀɴaging some of the largest flying aircraft in the world. The Holy Grail of careers is aviation for people who enjoy flying.

But it’s not always simple to break into this sector. The days of receiving full financial aid for flight training are largely gone, and the majority of student pilots now have to accept the fact that they must pay for their own pilot training. As a result, ᴍᴀɴy people must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing this career because doing so is likely to necessitate taking out a sizable loan and bearing the debt for ᴍᴀɴy years to come.

However, becoming a pilot can be a very financially and personally rewarding career for those who can afford it, who have the necessary aptitude to pass the rigorous entry exams, and who have the necessary personal sᴋɪʟʟs to work well on the flight deck.

Getting your head around $100,000
No matter their age or financial situation, most people would consider $100,000 to be a sizable sum of money. It’s a house in various places of the world. If you were to win this much money in the lottery, it might be seen as somewhat “life-changing.” The cost of pilot training is frequently quoted as $100,000, but is that sum reliable?

ATP is one of the biggest and most well-known flying schools. This training company, which has 72 flight schools throughout the US, graduates about 117 commercial multi-engine pilots each month. According to ATP, the cost to become a pilot is either $91,995 if you have no prior flying experience or $71,995 if you already hold a private pilot certificate.

But that only covers the cost of attending ATP to become a commercial pilot. They provide this as a training cost that is upfront and fixed, based on reasonable flight time requirements. However, it costs more money to earn a certification than that.

The student will also need to come up with an additional $8,400 to $9,200 for FAA examiner fees and knowledge test fees. On their path to certification, pilots typically need access to a variety of third party apps, for which the ATP suggests setting up $200. Students will also require access to an iPad, headphones, flying bag, and other pilot equipment; ATP recommends spending about $1,600 on these items.

Examining other well-known aviation schools revealed that the numbers appeared to be pretty similar. For instance, L3Harris states that the starting price of commercial pilot training is $83,995. The cost of pilot training is listed as ranging between £70,000 and £120,000 ($85,000 – $145,000) by the UK-based careers guidance service Prospects. According to sources, the cost of commercial pilot training in Iɴᴅɪᴀ is approximately Rs. 45 Lakhs ($56,000). The Private Pilot License (PPL) and Student Pilot License (SPL), which would raise the price, are not included in that.

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