Complete machining on the new M20-G MILLTURN

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The most recent model in the MILLTURN line, the M20 MILLTURN, is the best option for consumers searching for a robust full machining centre. The machine’s exceptional stability and comprehensive motor spindle design that incorporates almost all machining technologies are special features. The accurate 6-sided machining with the counter spindle and the fact that it is ideal for gear skiving are technological highlights. Additionally, one machine has two B-axis systems enabling simultaneous B-axis rotation.

The newest member of the MILLTURN family is the M20 MILLTURN, which is the best option for users looking for a high-perforᴍᴀɴce turning, drilling, and milling centre. The machine’s great stability and reliable motor-spindle design, which can work with almost any machining technology, are special qualities.

A totally revamped machine reflects decades of expertise in complete machining. The advantage is determined by design and technology.
The M20 has practically endless application possibilities. The machine can handle difficult and intricate machining operations in the aerospace, automotive, engineering, and plastics industries. The machine is excellently flexible, making it a great choice for contract producers as well.

Let’s see the Complete machining on the new M20-G MILLTURN in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: WFL Millturn Technologies

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