Combining Corn and making of Corn Cob – Case IH 8250-650hp stade grinding mill.

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Making Corn Cob Mix with a Case IH8250 Axial-Flow and 10-row Geringhof header by combining corn. A 650 horsepower John Deere engine drives a Stade grinding mill that is used to grind the corn. A Case IH Puma CVX with a Kurstjens 3-axle containercarrier transports the CCM to the pit. The CCM, which has a higher proportion of protein and energy than whole-crop maize silage, is used as pig or cattle feed.

On a farm in the Nᴇᴛʜᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅs, corn is threshed and the creation of the alleged Corn Cob Mix (CCM) is shown in a video posted to Tractorspotter’s channel. The cob and corn kernels that make up this feed are corn. The filmmaker explains that because it contains more protein and energy than corn silage, it is used as pig or cattle feed.

A Case IH 8250 Axial-Flow combine with a 10-row Gering hoff header is used to complete the work. A John Deere engine with 650 horsepower grinds the grain in a Stade mill. A Case IH Puma CVX tractor pulling Kurstjen’s 3-axle container trailer transports the CCM to the pit in turn.

Three models from Case IH’s high range, ranging in horsepower from 498 to 634, are all made in the country and stand out for their increased driving automation. Enough to turn you into the ideal pilot! (Read the July 27, 2018, article.) The French experts were able to gather experience on this generation of the range using an Axial Flow 8250 on wheels with a VariCut cutter bar and a 10.7 meter advanced apron. The machine was then loaded to join its congeners near Dresden in eastern Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ to attend the international launch after having had time to learn about its specifics and consume a few hectares of cereals.

Before it leaves French land, we provide you with some pictures of this equipment in action. In addition, a Rolland Rollpseed tridem tipper and an unusual tractor. This is a Case IH 2294, the model that came before the first Magnums.

Let’s see combining Corn and making of corn Cob Mix – Case IH 8250-650hp stade grinding mill.

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Video resource: Tractorspotter

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