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WFL has been specializing in large turning, drilling, and milling centers for the complete processing of intricate and highly precise workpieces for the past three decades. WFL Millturn Technologies introduces the premium class of multifunctional turning-boring-milling centers with the models M100, M120, M150, and M175.

The absolute leaders in multifunctional turning-boring-and-milling centers, the models M100, M120, and M150 from WFL Millturn Technologies enable one-ʜɪᴛ machining of intricate workpieces up to 8m* in length. Along with the spindle drives’ better output and torque values, the strong feed forces in all directions result in excellent dynamics and maximum productivity.

Any tool angle can be used for turning, milling, boring, gear cutting, gun drilling, and ID machining. Any geometrical profile can be machined thanks to the interpolation of up to five axes. Perfect stability and the best antivibration behavior are guaranteed by the solid, one-piece 60° slant bed constructed of grey cast iron and the use of substantially sized guideways with extra-wide dimensions. The result of ᴍᴀɴy years spent on the cutting edge of technology is the unmatched variety of hardware and software options as well as the painstakingly constructed machine structure.

The prismatic interface
Tools that are larger than the regular equipment’s maximum dimensions are handled through a second tool interface. Boring bars, solid drills, angular heads, and facing heads can all be securely fastened onto the milling unit because of the very sturdy prismatic accommodation. The use of the Uɴɪqᴜᴇ WFL system boring bar makes it possible to change the cutting heads automatically as well. There are two different magazine types available for the automatic handling of large ID-machining tools.

Pick-up magazine
In this separate magazine above the headstock, up to 4 tools with a maximum length of 1700 mm and a weight of 200 kg can be automatically put.

Heavy boring bar magazine
Up to 18 bars, each spanning 2,500 mm in length and weighing a maximum of 180 kg, can be accommodated by extending the basic disc-type magazine and the associated tool stations in addition to the standard tools. In this instance, a supplemental tool robot ensures automatic tool handling.

Let’s see WFL MillTurn Technologies M120 making an Aerospace component with complex features in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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