CNC Machine Turning Working Process with Tools Cutting Tungaloy

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To its Iso-EcoTurn turning insert and tool holder system, Tungaloy has added GNMG inserts with a 70-degree nose angle and FNMG inserts with a 45-degree nose angle. There are 39 extra inserts that are covered by this expansion. During profile turning or face turning procedures where the cutting occurs in one continuous route leading away from the work center, conventional CNMG or DNMG turning inserts encounter issues with chip jamming and re-cutting.

The GNMG and FNMG inserts’ condensed nose angles reduce cutting force, reducing noise and unpredictable tool failure during machining. When facing turning walls, improved chip flow and fewer concerns with chip re-cutting are also made possible by increased cutting edge clearance. The GNMG and FNMG inserts from Tungaloy come in two chipbreaker designs. TSF is optimized for finish turning, whilst TM is suitable for general-purpose applications.

The company provides these inserts in the AH8015 PVD grade for high-temperature alloys as well as the 79215 and 79225 CVD grades for steel turning. Users can mount the new inserts to standard turning tool holders for CNMG or DNMG inserts since the central bodies of the GNMG and FNMG inserts are the same size and shape as the CNMG and DNMG inserts.

Let’s see CNC Machine Turning Working Process with Tools Cutting Tungaloy in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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