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Modern loaders come equipped with a variety of common technology to improve operator productivity. The 7-tonne and 9-tonne wheel loaders from Caterpillar have undergone upgrades to improve productivity, operator comfort, and operational costs. The addition of a set of common technologies designed to simplify life for operators is one of the major upgrades.

For accurate bucket payload weighing, the Cat 966 and 972 now both include standard Cat Payload* with Assist, enabling operators to load to target on the first try every time. The operator display receives real-time data that enables manual tip-off functionality to enhance final bucket adjustments and truck load accuracy.

According to Caterpillar, a new Cat Autodig feature works in conjunction with Auto Set Tires to reliably produce high bucket fill factors. Because bucket loading is totally automated by Autodig, bucket fill rates are increased and loading times are reduced. Auto Set Tires supports optimal loading ᴍᴇᴛʜods in collaboration with Autodig to drastically reduce tyre slip and wear.

With the help of the new Application Profiles function, operators may create customized profiles for certain applications, enabling them to quickly choose the best machine settings and parameters for the task at hand. A simplified new controls arrangement and selectable on-screen job aids make it easier to operate the loader and boost productivity for operators of all experience levels.

Operators can also pick a variety of optional technologies with their new wheel loaders to boost productivity in addition to the technologies already discussed. These include expanded lists management, site integration, and extended scale features from Cat Advanced Payload* with Assist, which automatically modifies the final bucket load to match the hauling unit target. For the website off-board on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, a Cat Productivity membership offers extensive and detailed information that is actionable.

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