Captain Proposes to Beautiful Air Hostess in Plane During Flight – Best marriage proposal


The goal of most relationships is to reach the moment when the big question is posed. Most women consider it to be a dream come true when a guy asks them to marry him after they have been in love with him for some time.

The joy and thrill this circumstance brings to both the wOᴍᴀɴ and the guy know no limitations. This was the case for the lovely air hostess, who was working with other hostesses to complete her usual duties of looking after the guests.

With a strange statement, the Captain, whom she has known for some time and even ᴋɪꜱꜱed, entered the cabin. This made the attractive air hostess suspicious of what the captain was doing, and when he asked her, “Will You Marry Me?” you can imagine that she would have blushed with joy and pleasure.

The wOᴍᴀɴ cried “Yes I Will” as planned, and the entire plane’s passengers cheered them up by recording and photographing the sweet occasion.

While the other passengers on the plane were still celebrating and taking pictures, the captain and the air hostess shared some lovely and passionate ᴋɪꜱꜱes.

The air hostess had a nagging feeling that things was about to go wrong after her pilot lover made an ᴏᴅᴅ remark. The handsome lady was in for a real sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇ when her captain boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

As predicted, the attractive yelled yes to his offer. As the co-pilot took control of the flight, the captain had some time with his fiancée as the other passengers took pictures and videos to show their support. Additionally, the aircraft captain proposed to his lovely girlfriend with an engagement ring.

As the passengers continued to applaud them, the two lovers engaged in rOᴍᴀɴtic moments that included ᴋɪꜱꜱing. The air was filled with excitement as she responded positively to compliments from her coworkers and the passengers. It seemed clear that these two would make compatible partners.

Let’s see the Captain Proposes to Beautiful Air Hostess in Plane During Flight – Best marriage proposal in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: NAYA YEH HAI

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