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An airport official said that a Cʜɪɴᴀ Airlines Boeing 747 was forced to land back at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday afternoon after ʜɪᴛting a bird shortly after takeoff.

At 2:55 p.m., the Boeing, which was returning to SFO with goods on a trans-Pacific journey, touched down without issue, according to airport duty manager Jeff Figone. According to FAA regulations, the birds ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ caused safety concerns that required the aircraft to return, according to Figone.

Flight 5107, which was headed for Tᴀɪᴡᴀɴ’s Taoyuan International Airport, departed San Francisco at 1:39 p.m., according to the @EightOneECHO Twitter account. The user released a video of the plane appearing to spill fuel as it was returning to the airport and claimed there may have been instrument ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ, citing air traffic control communications.

A plane Cᴀʀʀʏing enough fuel for a trans-Pacific journey, according to Figone, would typically need to off-load some of the gasoline in order to achieve a safe landing. He declared that the aircraft’s instruments will be examined.

Another report claims that the aircraft refueled and took off again later in the day.

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