Biggest Excavator in the world – Liebherr R 9800: 4000 HP & 800 Tons

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The R 9800 crawler excavator model is made by Liebherr. You can find and download this machine’s specifications and datasheets here. The Cummins engine in the 800t Liebherr R 9800 may provide up to 2984 kW or 4001 horsepower. The R 9800 is a part of the category of crawler excavators’ largest machine segment. The 42m3 bucket capacity of the R 9800 is greater than normal for this equipment.

A Quick ch is used in the production and distribution of the R 9800. The Quick-change system, air conditioning, and diesel particulate filter are not included. More technical specifications and machine descriptions can be found in the original Liebherr R 9800 specs datasheet. On a specification sheet, the machine descriptions and further information about this specific model are accessible for free download in English.

The 4108-piece R9800 excavator model was created in collaboration with Liebherr and has a variety of realistic features and functionalities that introduce LEGO builders to complex engineering concepts. The builder has complete control over the model thanks to the LEGO Technic control software. The Liebherr replica is the first smart device-connected kit with programming capabilities in addition to being the new standard-bearer for LEGO® TechnicTM models. The functionality replicates the functions and applications of the model’s original Liebherr counterpart and enables complete model management via a mobile device.

The Liebherr equipment that served as the inspiration for the LEGO model is made at a Liebherr factory in Colmar, Fʀᴀɴᴄᴇ. Since 1961, Liebherr has produced hydraulic excavators at Colmar. Along with items for earthmoving, demolition, and other industrial uses, Liebherr also provides equipment for material extraction and loading in open-cast mining. The current name of Liebherr in Colmar is Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS.

The mining excavator is one of the bulkiest pieces of machinery in the Liebherr universe. With an 810-ton weight, the Liebherr R 9800 is almost three times as heavy as a big passenger plane. The container, which measures 42 m3 and has a capacity of 80 tonnes of material, can fill 300 bathtubs. Due to its size and weighty components, one R 9800 requires 28 trucks for delivery. Construction of the full-size R 9800 takes 12 weeks.

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